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TFT Display Questions
Hello, I placed an order for 3 different types of LCD screens last night
Hello,   You actually ordered 3 pcs ERM1602DNS-4-5V, Now I will change them to 3 pcs ERM1602DNS-2.1-5V for you.   Pls arrange the difference USD1.5 to our paypal acct and mark "Balance payment for order#100040219...
Please provide me how can I get next model with white letters on blue screen?
In your order below you selected pin header connection for 8080 parallel interface, You are not using 40 pin headers for communication?
 We didn't include any 40 pin zif connectors or 40 Pin FFC cable to connect the display to your main board, How will use them? Thanks. 

We had buying from you ER-TFT050-2 They items have special code from back side -ER-TFT050-02.Now was opened box with items from Order (28000303 11,06,2018 (Biosan Order).We saw that all items from that Order have another code in back side -SH5CPH2435-05004.Please give me full information about , what differently in those LCD displays?
Please don't worry. ER-TFT050-2 is the part number we supplied for the customer.
Good Morning, firts off all nice review, i would like to know if with this device i can make bluetooth calls, if the battery in full use it can last for morr than 1 day, and if the Google Maps really works with out problems in termos of localization, hope to ear good news, best regards, and continue with great reviews.

Hello Augusto,

Good morning,thank you attention to Kospet Hope,this product not support bluetooth,the battery can use  more than 1.5 days,However, if you install a third-party APP, it will shorten the standby time.GPS works, and because it's A 4G watch, a-gps also helps you get location,Another thing to note is that GPS navigation can quickly drain battery power.I hope the information I provided will be helpful to you. Thank you.

Which controller does this module use?
The controller is ST7565
Your LCD Back Light must be driven at 30 Milliamps FROM A 5 VOLTS SUPPLY So therefore on my board I have 150 ohms resistor in line with the back light on your LCD Display as per the LCD Manufactures DATA SHEETS Kind Regards David Hird

Yes, I remember it should come with no zif connector and no pin header.Trust me I did put the following information on invoice for shipping last time, Not sure why your customs take another HS code, We will do the same this time. "liquid crystal devices (LCD)" also the tariff position "9013.80.10. As for invoice value, Pls, I have to keep it less than USD720, Otherwise I need to make a formal custom declaration which will cost us USD60.

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Delivery Questions
What does charge for shipping an order?
FREE Standard Shipping is automatically applied at checkout on orders totaling $50 or more before tax!* If you do not meet those requirements, Standard Shipping (4-5 Business Days) is $3.95. In a hurry? We also offer Expedited Shipping! 2-Business ...
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